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  The Archive.

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Last updated  April 11th 2002.

R.I.P KEN KESEY-1935-2001

Being a history ( of sorts ) of commercial Rock festivals of the United Kingdom , from 1961 to 1975 and of the Free Festivals of the United Kingdom , from 1970-1985.

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    The above links are fast links to the major parts of the site. However, more complete menus are to be found at the contents section which also contain extensive photogalleries with many exclusive pictures, mostly from Australian shows.

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Help find old aquaintances from Loughborough College of Art 1970-73

About the Archive.
    The Archive aims to eventually provide as much information as possible about all the major UK festivals, Free festivals and outdoor concerts from 1960 to 1985 , as well as providing information on many of the groups who performed at the festivals. The only way that this can happen is if we get help from those of you who have memories, articles , photos and recordings of the events, so please , get in touch with us if you can help.
    To prove that we are not completely stuck in a time warp , in addition to the older stuff, the site also features sections about more modern festivals , such as Womad and has some archival information about tours of Australia by various artists , mostly in the folk , blues and  jazz arena. We also have provided many photos of featured artists and links to other sites where appropriate.

Can you help trace these films ?

    Have you ever heard of a film production company called GENTLE GHOST ? They were the company who filmed the 1970 Bath Festival .The footage has disappeared , if you have any idea of its whereabouts , or info on Gentle Ghost ,contact me .

Likewise , if you know the wherabouts of the film stock of the Phun City festival , Future /Now Films will be eternally grateful to you . they are after the footage of the MC5 for a documentary in production


Hope you enjoyed the site and that you will visit The Archive again sometime soon !

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This site is non profit making , its a site for die-hard fans- and run as a source of information for those interested in Rock music of the past .We are completely against the sale of bootlegged artefacts for profit, especially musical ones .  If we have infringed your copyright in any way this is inadvertent .We attempt to obtain permission to use articles and photos wherever possible, but on occasions , due to the age and obscure origin of some items , we have not been able to ascertain the owner of the copyright . If you own the copyright of any item , send us an e-mail with proof that you have ownership of the image and we will remove the offending item from the site immediately.